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Design Student

Genesis, Age 13

I love the Swahili class. I wish for the class to grow and become a worldwide Swahili Company. Hopefully one day it can help change the world.

Young Female Student

Siole, Age 14

I have learned a lot in this class, and it was really fun. There is a clear lesson plan and progression, thus making it really easy to follow. The incorporation of song and cultural anecdotes also make the class very engaging.

Langston, Age 9

Swahili class is fun because you can learn alot of new words. When you master Swahili, you can talk to people all over the world who can speak Swahili.  Mama Anna makes learning Swahili fun because she dances, sings and tell jokes.

Confident Woman

Adult Student

Anna is a great passionate teacher who is patient, encouraging and fun! Every week I learn so
much not about Kiswahili but about history and culture. I really enjoy our time together and
thoroughly recommend her-she is stellar.

Confident Woman

Adult Student

I really enjoyed my Kiswahili lessons with Anna Mwalagho. She individualized the lesson for me and is an extremely patient instructor. Unfortunately, I had to pause the lessons, but when I'm able to continue, I will resume Kiswahili lessons with Anna.


Male Student

Baba Morrall

My two homeschooled sons LOVE Mama Anna. She is patient, professional and fun. My boys learned so much in a short period of time and still practices speaking Swahili even when class is not in session.

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Mama Irene

My kids have taken Swahili classes with Mama Anna in person for several years. She was then teaching through a homeschool group.  She teaches in a fun way and my kids love her!

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Mama Pauline

My kids 17, 15 and 11 have just finished level 1 . They will have an exam next week. Then they start level 2. They are enjoying class and learning.  Thanks Mama Anna!

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